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Exploring Beit Tikvah Messianic Congregation

Hello and welcome to my web-site! Are you curious about Messianic Judaism and their congregations? Wonder what it is all about? Beit Tikvah is a Messianic congregation in Newcastle, Washington that is looking to spread the Messianic Jewish faith. However, in reality, they are fully a Christian congregation and not Jewish at all. I will demonstrate this, using information from their site and other Christian sites. Each time, reference links will be provided so you can see the evidence for your own eyes.

Christian Mother

Beit Tikvah presents its congregation and its beliefs as being authentically Jewish. In truth, they are full members of the International Church of the Foursquare Gospel. A real Jewish synagogue would never be part of a Christian denomination! Here is the link to their listing in the Foursquare directory: Click Here

Beit Tikvah is also listed on the Seattle District of Foursquare Churches. Here is the link with the listing, they are listed under "Newcastle": Click Here

We can see more of the Foursquare connection in the Beit Tikvah "Brief History" section of their webpage. In the beginning of the section it says:

"The congregation has shown steady growth from its founding in 1982 by Murray and Kay Silberling."

Here is the link to the quote, so you can see it with your own eyes. It is the first sentence on the left-side: Click Here

Murray and Kay Siberling have another Foursquare gospel Messianic congregation in California. Here is the link to the Siberling congregation in the Foursquare Gospel directory, you will see Murray Siberling listed as the "Pastor": Click Here

Again, would a real Jewish synagogue be founded by someone who works for the International Church of the Foursqure Gospel? Of course not!

Seattle Pacific University and Beit Tikvah

Beit Tikvah has a great deal of connections with Seattle Pacific University, a Christian evangelical school. Hylan Slobodkin, the leader of Beit Tikvah, sends his children to college at Seattle Pacific University. Here is the link where Slobodkin discussed this, the information is in the 3rd paragraph: Click Here

Further, Slobodkin spoke at Seattle Pacific on Messianic Judaism on May 20, 2004 as part of Christian Faith Exploration. Here is the link to the proof, he is under Thursday : Click Here

Robin Cowan, a 1969 graduate of Seattle Pacific University, is a member of Beit Tikvah and teaches "Messianic dance" at Beit Tikvah. Here is the link to the proof, she is listed under "1969": Click Here

So, what type of school is Seattle Pacific University (SPU)? Well, according to the SPU web-site:

"Seattle Pacific University occupies a position within the Christian community that is clearly evangelical, genuinely ecumenical, and guided and informed by a Wesleyan heritage and partnership with the Free Methodist Church"

Clearly, this is not a school that a real Jewish rabbi would send his children, or a real Jewish congregation would be connected to. Here is the link to the quote, the quote is the first sentence under the heading "Our Christian Mission", the second main section of the page: Click Here

Other Christian Connections

Beit Tikvah has even more Christian connections. On August 13, 2004, they hosted Sam Rotman through the Christian Training & Development Services (CTDS). Here is the link to the proof, they are the last concert stop listed: Click Here

According to CTDS, their goal is to

"CTDS is an apologetics ministry dedicated to equipping Christians to defend their faith using Biblical and scientific evidences and to proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We will do this by (1) Speaking in churches, schools, and organizations worldwide; (2) Creating educational materials at all levels; (3) Training others to teach and speak on creation with confidence; and (4) Proclaiming the Good News of the Gospel of Jesus Christ."

Obviously, this is not a group that real Jewish synagogue would host. Here is the link to the quote, the quote is from the "Our message" section: Click Here

Beit Tikvah also hosted the Promise Players Clown Ministry for their Purim celebration. Here is the link to the proof, the evidence is under "7 Sunday": Click Here

What type of organization is the Promise Players Clown Ministry? Well, on its site it says:

"The Promise Players began in 1982 when Chuck and Sheila Amos moved to Bellevue, Washington from Tucson, Arizona. They began to use and teach clown, puppet, ventriloquist and Christian illusion skills they learned while in Arizona to individuals and groups who were interested in reaching others for Christ in a special way. The groups have varied in size over the years with the core ministry team consisting of the Amos family. In December 1995, the Amos' were called into full time ministry, and have been committed to that call ever since."

Would a real Jewish synagogue invite a group like the Promise Players to their Purim Carnival? Never! Here is the link to the quote, it comes from the section "Ministry Profile", about half-way down the page: Click Here

Christian Beliefs

Interestingly, if you look at Beit Tikvah's beliefs, they are completely Christian. Here are Beit Tikvah's beliefs and the Denver Seminary's beliefs-the Denver Seminary is an evangelical Christian training school. You will notice that they are nearly identical. Beit Tikvah's beliefs are essentially a shorter version of the Denver Seminary's beliefs, with a "Jewish twist" at the end. In truth, a real Jewish group would not have Christian beliefs:

Beit Tikvah's beliefs

Denver Seminary's beliefs

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