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Thank you for entering my page!  Right now, you are probably searching to find out more about Jewish beliefs in Jesus.  Perhaps, you are questioning your faith, and are looking at different options. Many people are attracted to Messianic Judaism. Or, a bit curious about what Messianic congregations may hold for them. Beth Yeshua HaMashiach is a Messianic Jewish congregation in Houston, Texas. They present themselves as Jewish and assure Jews that if Jews accept Jesus that they stay Jewish. In truth, they are a full-fledged Southern Baptist church. The following web-page will demonstrate this fact, using information from their site and other non-Jewish websites. All information is referenced, so you can see the evidence for your own eyes.

Leadership and the Home Church

Beth Yeshua is officially part of the Southern Baptist Convention. Here is the link to their listing in the Southern Baptist ChurchSearch: Click Here

Beth Yeshua is also identified as a Southern Baptist Convention church in a PBS interview. This link will bring you to the transcript of the interview; Beth Yeshua is identified as part of the Southern Baptist Convention in the 8th paragraph: Click Here

Beth Yeshua is currently led by Jim Pratt and Kathy Elowitz.

Kathy Elowitz' husband, Gus Elowitz is the former leader of Beth Yeshua HaMashiach. He worked for the Southern Baptist Convention, perhaps the group that is most active at trying to convert the Jewish people. His life was the perfect study of how the Messianic movement is part of Christianity. In fact, you will find his name all over the Southern Baptist Convention's web-site and its branches, such as the Baptist Press.

Gus Elowitz is clearly referred to as a Southern Baptist pastor by the Southern Baptist Covention's web-site. Here is a quote on their site regarding sponsoring churches, specifically trying to convert Jews and Arabs.

"While peace between Arabs and Jews eludes world leaders, two Southern Baptist pastors, one a messianic Jew, the other a native of Jordan, say the answers can be found in Jesus Christ.

During a Feb. 22 national conference on starting new churches, each pastor committed his congregation to sponsor a new church that will focus primarily on reaching the other's people. Messianic Rabbi Gus Elowitz of the Beth Yeshua congregation in Houston says his commitment has nothing to do with middle eastern politics....

The commitment ceremony, held during the Home Mission Board's national conference for church planting leaders, was designed to serve as a model for other churches according to Russell Begaye.

"We wanted other believers to be enthused, encouraged and challenged to start a church among people they may not understand..."

Here is the link to the proof, the quotes come from the 1st, 2nd, 6th and 7th paragraph: Click Here

At the June 1998 annual convention meeting, Elowitz proposed a motion. Actually, the motion was a procedural issue, and had nothing to do with Messianic Judaism. The motion was

"6) require that all resolutions proposed by messengers to annual meetings be presented for floor votes -- Gustave Elowitz, Beth Yeshua Ha Mashiach, Houston."

The very fact that Elowitz was able to pass a motion at the Southern Baptist Convention's meeting is clear evidence that Beth Yeshua is a Southern Baptist Church. Here is the link to the proof. Elowitz's motion is under "Eight other motions were also referred to the Executive Committee: " about half-way down the page: Click Here

Actually, Gus Elowitz was a major leader in the Southern Baptist movement. He was the Vice-President of the North American Messianic Association, the Messianic branch of the Southern Baptist Convention. Here is the link to the proof of this: Click Here

Pastor Elowitz was also on a panel at a Southern Baptist Convention luncheon on "Jewish Language Congregation Building." Here is the announcement in SBCLife, the Journal of the Southern Baptist Convention. He is listed under "Additional Luncheon":Click Here

Jim Pratt took over as the leader of Beth Yeshua after Gus Elowitz died. This, of course, did not stop Beth Yeshua from being a full member of the Southern Baptist Convention. As you can see in the Southern Baptist Convention 2013 meeting schedule, the 2013 Southern Baptist Messianic Fellowship was hosted by Beth Yeshua, with Jim Pratt clearly identified as the "rabbi." The information is on the right-side of page 2: Click Here

According to the Baptist Press, he is active in evangelism and the Southern Baptist Messianic Fellowship wants to help churches convert Jews.

"Senior rabbi Jim Pratt of Beth Yeshua HaMashiach will lead a Havdalah service to usher in a new week. Pratt, who has served as Beth Yeshua's senior rabbi the past seven years, also is active in evangelism and prison ministry...

Worshill wants Southern Baptists to know that the SBMF can connect them with teachers who can train congregations how to conduct Passover Seders and teach them about biblical feasts, which he says prophetically point to Jesus. The teachers also can train churches to share the Gospel with Jews in an effective manner."

Here is the link to the quote, the quote is from the 8th and 9th paragraphs: Click Here

He also has no problem with dishonesty to all people such as when he was caught lying to the police after violating the law:Click Here

James Petersen is another Christian involved in Beth Yeshua. In the Liberty University Journal, he is activities with Beth Yeshua is listed under "Class of 1990.": Click Here

Liberty University is a Christian school created by evangelical minister Jerry Falwell. According to the Liberty University chancellor:

"Liberty University is the largest private, nonprofit university in the nation, the largest university in Virginia, and the largest Christian university in the world. Liberty was founded in 1971 by my father, the late Dr. Jerry Falwell, Sr., with a vision to Train Champions for Christ as a world class university."

Again, this just further demonstrates the Christian background of the leadership of Beth Yeshua. Here is the link to the quote:Click Here

The Schedule

There is even more evidence that they are a Christian group in their Weekly Schedule. Sunday their activity is "L-rd's Day Evangelism" as per their online schedule: Click Here

After reviewing the above evidence, it is obvious that Beth Yeshuah HaMashiach is a Southern Baptist Convention church. The Southern Baptist Convention is not interested in having Jews remain Jewish. They ultimately want Jews to be Christians.

What is L-rd's Day? The answer to this question is the answer as to why Christian's celebrate Sunday as their Sabbath instead of Saturday and why it is called "Lord's Day." The reason has to do with the story of Jesus' supposed rising from the dead. Here is an article from the Catholic site "New Advent" that explains the concept, in an essay on how Sunday became the Christian day of worship: Click Here

As for Beth Yeshua, L-rd's Day Evangelism often involved putting up a banner across the street from the Houston Jewish Community Center, handing out tracts on the sidewalk and trespassing on the JCC property to place tracts in the JCC facility.

Why Jews Don't Believe in Jesus

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