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Thank you for entering my page!  Right now, you are probably searching to find out more about Jewish beliefs in Jesus.  Perhaps, you are questioning your faith, and are looking at different options. Adat Adonai is a Messianic congregation in Ohio, presents itself as a Jewish congregation led by Rabbi Kirt Schneider. However, in reality they are a Christian congregation with no relationship to real Judaism. I will demonstrate this, with referenced links, so you can see the evidence for your own eyes.

The Rabbi

Adat Adonai is led by "Rabbi" Kirt Schneider, however, in reality he is not a Jewish leader. He is actually a convert to Christianity who graudated from a Christian college and formerly worked as a church pastor. According to the Toledo Blade:

"Rabbi Schneider, who said he left Judaism after experiencing a vision of Jesus, went through deprogramming paid for by his family after he converted to Christianity. He graduated from Toccoa Falls Bible College in Georgia and worked as a Christian pastor for a while, but said he only found fulfillment through Messianic Judaism."

Here is the link to the information, which comes from the 14th paragraph on the page: Click Here

Wow, that paragraph sums up how Kirt Schneider is not a real rabbi but a practicing Christian leader.

As I mentioned Toccoa Falls Bible College is a strictly Christian school. According to the Toccoa website:

"The mission of Toccoa Falls College is to glorify God through seeking and developing Christian servant leaders who will impact their world with the love and message of Jesus Christ. "

Clearly, this is a place where a Christian leader receives training-a real Jewish leader would not attend Toccoa. Here is the link to the quote: Click Here

Not surprisingly, Kirt Schneider is highly involved in Christian organizations to spread his Christian message. His Discovering the Jewish Jesus show is on all of the major Christian networks such as the Church Channel Click Here and the Trinity Broadcast Network Click Here .

Have you ever heard of a real Jewish rabbi who spends all of his time broadcasting on Christian stations? The simple and obvious answer is "no." Jewish rabbis do not spend their time getting paid for broadcast shows on Christian stations. Christian leaders get paid for this.

The Church Planter

Adat Adonai was originally planted by another Christian minister who fancies himself to be an expert on Judaism. According to his bio on the Messianic Studies Institute, William Beausay planted Adat Adonai. His bio also states that he graduated from the Dallas Theological Seminary, a major evangelical Christian seminary. Here is the link to his bio: Click Here

To get a full picture of Dallas Theological Seminary (DTS), it is important to look at its admission criteria. To be admitted to DTS you need to show "The extent and quality of involvement in Christian service" and "Your apparent gifts and potential for placement into Christian ministry." I feel comfortable stating that no true Jewish synagogue was founded by someone trying to live to the above requirements. Certainly, many churches have been founded by such individuals but no synagogues. Here is the link to the DTS admission criteria:a href="http://www.dts.edu/admissions/requirements/"> Click Here

Christian Prayer

Adat Adonai also hosts the Key of David International House of Prayer which is "Simulcast Live from the Kansas City International House of Prayer." Click Here

The International House of Prayer is a Christian missionary group. According to the second paragraph of their "Who We Are" section:

"The work of our ministry includes equipping and sending out missionaries as dedicated intercessors and evangelists who work to see revival within the Church and a harvest among those searching for God."

A true Jewish synagogue would not partner with an organization trying to strengthen the church and send out missionaries. Again, the evidence shows that Adat Adonai is simply a church. Here is the link the quote:

Why Jews Don't Believe in Jesus

There are many reasons why Jews do not accept Jesus, and the links below are some of the better explanations on this topic. Of course, if you have questions that are not covered on the links, you can always e-mail me with your questions.

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Countermissionary Counseling

There are a number of groups that provide Countermissionary Counseling. Here are links to a few of them:

Jews for Judaism

Alternatively, you can call them at 800-477-6631 with general questions about missionary claims.

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Great Sites, Priceless Information

Here are a number of great sites that counter missionaries and explain the differences in belief between Judaism and Christianity/Messianic "Judaism", including addressing the Biblical verses that missionaries try to use against the Jews and explaining why the missionaries are incorrect.

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